Career Concierge

Falcon is proud to offer concierge services to support your career path. No, we do not operate a hotel, resort, or spa, and we can’t get you tickets to the opera or an extra hour in the steam room. But we CAN provide professional consultation and brainstorming based on your individual career needs. We will help you develop an individualized plan of action with concrete steps and strategies to implement those steps.

Whether you are new to your career or are an established professional, we can help you work through several pertinent questions. For example:

  • How have I done so far in managing the direction of my career?
  • Do I have a clear vision of where I want to be in 5 or 10 years?
  • What will happen when I start actively managing my career path and choices?
  • Do I clearly understand my career options or do I need to do more research?
  • Are my goals realistic and feasible?
  • How do politics in the workplace affect my career?
  • What part of managing my career needs the most immediate attention?
  • Do I view my career as a project with goals and deadlines?
  • How do I approach a difficult conversation with people I manage?
  • How do I approach a difficult conversation with my employer?
  • How does my communication style affect my interactions with others?
  • What type of leader am I and how does this impact my career path?
  • I want to begin to “downsize” my career, where to I begin?
  • What are options for effective meeting management?
  • How do I keep virtual teams engaged and remove silos?
  • How can I effectively leverage technology? Skype, Webex, Adobe, Messenger, Sharepoint, Google docs, etc.

Using our career concierge service together we will create a map with clear milestones and directions arrive at your final destination. Don’t forget to take time along that path to rest up and smell the roses! Even though WE do not offer spa services, we will discuss strategies to reduce burnout. We will help you build into your career plan ways to manage stress and create balance between your career and your life.