Critical Thinking

Critical thinking skills are important in decision making and analysis.

Personality traits, the ability to consider evidence, options, consequences, before a making decision or passing judgment are elements of critical thinking. Our personal and professional experiences also influence critical thinking. Critical thinking skills are key to success at the individual and organizational level.

Today’s employers recognize and value critical thinking skills. According to a survey of employers by the Association of American Colleges and Universities, more emphasis should be placed on the following areas:

  • Critical thinking and analytical reasoning (82% more emphasis)
  • Complex problem solving and analysis (81% more emphasis)
  • Written and oral communication (80% more emphasis)
  • The application of knowledge and skills in real-world settings (78% more emphasis)
  • The location, organization, and evaluation of information from multiple sources (72% more emphasis)
  • Innovation and creativity (71% more emphasis)

We can help you strengthen your critical thinking skills. We will also highlight methods to use critical thinking in your current organization, position or project.

We also provide workshops with a focus on developing or refining these skills for individuals or as part of your organization’s on-boarding process to achieve success.