Data Analysis

Data collection can take months or years for even experienced researchers. Pat yourself on the back, you are done . . . just kidding! Once your legs are exhausted from jumping for joy (repeatedly), you realize the data will not magically analyze itself. Even though this stage should be exciting when you are anticipating the results that support ALL your hypotheses, in reality, we know this experience can be stressful if you are implementing a different type of methodology or analysis. If it has been a while since you fired up SAS or SPSS, shame on you! Now, you need to enter, clean, and code the data. Do these terms seem vaguely familiar? We provide the support you need to complete these steps successfully. Our team will work with you to ensure you analyze, interpret, and present your findings in an appropriate format for your target audience.

Qualitative – We know you were probably laughing at quantitative researchers while reading the previous information, you are not exempt from challenges in the analysis. You as a qualitative researcher are an important “tool” in the data analysis and interpretation.

  • Do you need someone to review the transcripts?
  • Review your initial coding of the first few?
  • Or review your final analysis and interpretation?

We can help regardless of the approach – action research, ethnography, grounded theory, phenomenology, heuristics, autoethnography, or a case study.