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Where can I obtain additional information?

Send us an email or call the number above.

What are the costs for editing services?

Our fees are based on the individual project. The examples provided below are general examples.

Proofreading  - Your work is well-written and needs minor editing for sentence structure, flow and clarity.

  • $.05 per word
  • $25.00 minimum charge


Line and Content Editing plus Proofreading - Your work requires line editing, improvement in language usage, organization, scholarly and/or professional tone, and feedback on content.

  • $.08 per word
  • $25.00 minimum charge


In addition to the above -  Formatting and style checking your overall document.

  • $.04 per word
  • $25.00 minimum charge


Note - we do provide volume discounts.

How can I get a quote?

Submit for a Free Rapid Quote (usually within 8 business hours or less)

  • Complete the submission form
  • Upload file (MS Word only for editing, please)
  • Our team will review your project and provide a detailed estimate of costs.
  • Once payment is received, a member from our team will contact you to schedule your first consultation.


Do you provide webinars?

Yes! Our team loves webinars. Live, recorded, or a combination are available options. Each webinar is created to address your organizations needs.

Will there be a subscription option for attending regular webinars?

Absolutely! Our team is working on this option so stay tuned for:

  • topics
  • pricing
  • delivery options (live or recorded)

If I am not satisfied can I get a refund?

Our team members will amaze you with their expertise! If you have a complaint, contact us immediately so we can work with you and your coach to address issues. Refunds are extremely rare and are considered on a case by case basis.


My university does not provide this support, but is interested in contracting with you, is this possible?


Definitely! We will work with the university to develop a menu of services based on a needs assessment.


We need to develop rubrics to evaluate research and standardize expectations and promote quality.


You are speaking our language! We have vast experience in the development of rubrics and evaluation frameworks for research, scientific merit, ethics review, and scholarly communication.