Writing and Editing

writing and editing
Writing and Editing

All of us benefit from an objective review of our own written work. The greater the complexity of the writing or length of the document, the more challenging it becomes to proofread your work. Our team consists of mentors and faculty with doctorates and peer-reviewed publications. We provide professional, academic editing and writing services. Review options include:

  • Logic and flow
  • Structure and content
  • Format and style – ex: APA, MLA formatting
  • Grammar usage and mechanics
  • Clarity and tone
  • Scientific editing
  • Journal manuscript editing
  • Conference presentations
  • Academic writing and editing
  • Scholarly writing and editing
  • Professional writing and editing

You will learn strategies and techniques to strengthen your professional and academic writing.

Congratulations! Our team is waiting to partner with you on your project. Read and adhere to the instructions below as if your project depends on it.

Graduate Student Editing and Proofreading Pricing

Proofreading: Your work is well-written and needs minor editing for sentence structure, flow and clarity. $.05 per word

Line and Content Editing plus Proofreading:  Your work requires line editing, improvement in language usage, organization, scholarly and/or professional tone, and feedback on content. $.08 per word

In addition to Minor or Line Editing: Formatting and style editing of your overall document: additional $.04 per word.

Minimum Charge: $25.00

Submit for a Free Rapid Quote (usually within 8 business hours or less)

  • Complete the submission form
  • Upload file (MS Word only for editing, please)
  • Our team will review your project and provide a detailed estimate of costs.
  • Once payment is received, a member from our team will contact you to schedule your first consultation.